Meet one of new residents of the Delnor FM residency - Tatiana Carrasquilla! She is originally from Colombia and grew up in New Orleans, LA. She went to Medical School at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine! Check out what people care saying about this gorgeous, bubbly, generous of a human being!!
Dr. Chmielewski ❤️'s being one of the newest residents at the McGaw Family Medicine program at Delnor Hospital #nmbetter #nmconsent
When you get your cool new resident jackets, you gotta take a picture! 💜🖤💜🖤
Fueling up with some (all you can eat) sushi!! 😍#familytime #northwesternmedicine
Good bye KC and #AAFPNC, we had a blast meeting the future of family medicine! See you next year! #FMRevolution
Celebrating the Birthday Girl at National Convention 🎉🎈
Come visit NU Fam Med Residency Delnor at #aafpnationalconference - Meet our PD, PC, and residents at booth 1006!
Extraordinary Eight
Final stop... Drs. Naik and Epstein outside the Hotel Baker
Take me out to the ballgame ....