Celebrating the holiday party with our amazing staff and Attendings! #purplepride
We’re back! With Chaitasi Naik (but we call her Chai. No, not chai ☕️. Chai like Chay!). When she’s not being an awesome resident physician, she’ll likely be off exploring the world. Luckily we were able to capture this picture of her in the wild - hiking around San Diego! “Chai’s a very caring and compassionate individual who’s sky is her limit!” “Chai was my ride when i didnt have a car. For months.” “Chai is one of the most genuinely kind and caring people I've ever met. She loves to go out of her way repeatedly to bake goods for her friends, drive them if they need it, be there for them and talk to them. She's super chill and down to Earth and just fun the be around and get to know
Gettin our Nexplanon training on! 💪💪💪 #nmbetter
Good luck to everyone who submitted their ERAS this past weekend! We can't wait to meet everyone!! #nmbetter #purplepride #northwesternmedicine #eras #ama #aafp
Maybe she’s barn with it? Maybe it’s neighbelline? Here’s @drjadidi getting hair tips from a stylish pony at @luriechildrens
Please join us in congratulating Dr. Noman Shahid, M.D. on his new appointment as the Associate Program Director in the McGaw Northwestern Family Medicine Residency at Delnor! Dr. Shahid joined the Northwestern department of family and community medicine in July 2018 after completing his family medicine residency at University of Illinois and his palliative care fellowship at Rush University. 
In his new role as APD, Dr. Shahid will continue to be a great supporter of the program as well as an influential leader in family medicine. A well deserved congratulations, Dr. Shahid!
#throwbackthursday to one of our first didactics when Dr. Shoener made learning about abdominal pain so much fun! #NMbetter
Post-didactic tacos with the gang. Shout out to Sean Posada! Pleasure to have you on the team for the month!
Meet the next member of our inaugural class - resident physician Ari Epstein! He’s a rock star drummer, ultra athlete, and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet among MANY other amazing things. Here are some of the things his colleagues had to say: “Ari is one those people who can talk to anyone about any subject at any point! Sports? You know it! Politics? Duh! Social determinants of health? Check and check! He's definitely one of the most passionate people you'll ever meet and gives everything 110%” “Ari is mister interesting! From bike riding, to field hockey, to lake swimming - he’s definitely one of the most adventurous people on the team! A very passionate individual with a multitude of accents and a wonderful beard”