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M4 Electives

Visiting Students

Visiting students should visit the visiting students website.

For the current listing of available electives for Feinberg Medical Students, please visiting the Family and Community Medicine section in OASIS. 

There are four types of family and community medicine electives available.  

  • Maternal Health Care Rotation
  • Rural Family Medicine Electives
  • Community/Underserved Medicine Elective
  • Traditional / Community / Suburban Family Medicine Elective

Elective Advising

If you would like to learn about available options, site placements, or have family and community medicine advising questions, please contact in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at 312.503.1273 to schedule an appointment with our faculty student advisor.

Elective Credit Application 

To receive credit for your clerkship, please submit the FM Away Elective Form/ Application (and additional application for global clerkships) to If the application is complete, it will be brought to our chair for approval.

Each elective form must be approved and signed by the chair of the department. 

Global Electives

To receive credit for a global clerkship precepted by a family physician, please complete the FM Away Elective Form/Application. For the application, you must submit your own course goal and objectives view a sample here. In addition to your preceptor evaluation, you must propose a project deliverable, such as an essay or weekly logging, for credit. Once complete, please submit all materials to for review. If the application is complete, it will be brought to Dr. Clements for approval. If you have any questions, please contact us with additional information about your site.

Rural Medicine Away-Electives

Feinberg medical students enrolled in the Education Centered Medical Home and who have electives available in Phase II and Phase III of the curriculum are eligible to apply for a rural medicine away elective. The Department reviews all applications for credit-worthiness.

The Department of Family and Community Medicine may refer students to rural medicine rotations within the U.S. via the RTT Collaborative

Application Process

  1. Students request elective credit via the Department of Family and Community Medicine. Please complete the FM Away Elective Form/Application  to receive elective credit and ensure you schedule an appointment with our faculty student advisor via contacting us at
  2. You will need to complete the FM Away Elective Form/Application for your rural medicine elective. Please note there is a rural medicine funding application you can complete prior to your elective rotation.  If approved for funding assistance, this will help with the cost of the elective experience.  More information can be found on the FM Away Elective Form/Application under the rural health elective section.

Rural medicine rotations are supported by Feinberg’s Global Health Initiative. The Global Health Initiative is a flagship education program for Feinberg’s Center for Global Health..

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