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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Department of Family & Community Medicine

Why Choose Family Medicine?

The Department of Family & Community Medicine prepares future generations of family physicians to be great physicians, communicators, advocates and partners in health for the individuals, families and communities they serve. Patients and their families rely on the extensive skills and experience of family physicians to diagnose, treat and prevent complex, life-threatening diseases and conditions.


Tiffany Adams-Holmes, MD

Resident, McGaw Northwestern Family Medicine Residency

“I chose family medicine for a multitude of reasons. It allows me to care for a patient without limitations based on gender or age. By choosing family medicine, I am able to care for patients holistically, including their physical and mental health. Furthermore, I enjoy building bonds with my patients and their families. With the family medicine specialty, I have continuity of care from birth to the golden years not only with a single patient, but across several generations within a family. Family medicine is a unique and amazing specialty that I am proud to be a part of.”

Mawusi Arnett, MD

Resident, McGaw Northwestern Family Medicine Residency

“I chose Family Medicine because it is the healthcare entry point for people across the lifespan. That means FM doctors have the responsibility of confronting healthcare disparities; and the opportunity to interact with communities, empowering them to reach better health outcomes. Most healthcare practitioners can name a long list of factors in society and the healthcare system that challenge patients’ health. I believe that Family Medicine, more than any other specialty, is perfectly positioned to address these.”

Faculty, Northwestern Department of Family and Community Medicine

“I liked the idea to be an expert in common medical conditions that affect people of all ages. It has helped me in sports medicine as I can take care of the athletes as well as the coaches and staff. This is really useful during international trips with US Soccer and with the away games for the Chicago Bears as they have a lot of coaches and support staff.”

Faculty, Department of Family and Community Medicine

“The opportunity to mentor and guide the next generation of physicians — both the very impressionable medical students who are still considering a career direction and the amazing PGYs who have already made the commitment to our field — has re-energized my career as a family physician.”

Faculty, Department of Family and Community Medicine

“I went into family medicine because I felt that it was the best specialty for forming relationships with patients over time. I love getting to know the 'back story' to my patients through their children and their parents and getting to know everyone as a family unit.”

Faculty, Department of Family and Community Medicine

“We want to repair the world using our medical tools.”

Shobha Narasimhan, MD

Resident, McGaw Northwestern Family Medicine Residency

“Family Medicine allows me to work in a setting where I have access to caring for the community, to work in such a variety of unique settings from a public high school to a football game, and allows me to build outpatient, longitudinal patient relationships and be a point of care provide they can rely on.”

Brittney Nowicki, DO, MBS

Resident, McGaw Northwestern Family Medicine Residency

“I chose family medicine for a couple of reasons. 1. I wanted to practice medicine in a way where I was not limited to on field. With family medicine you see patients of all ages, with a variety of different complaints/diagnoses, and have the opportunity to do procedures. 2. I liked the fact that with family medicine you could build a relationship with your patients and your patients were not brand new every time you saw them.”

Faculty, Department of Family and Community Medicine

“The challenges of working in an underserved community are ever-present. To me, these challenges represent opportunity: increased access to care, patient advocacy, healthcare system changes … the list goes on. These are exactly the kinds of issues I hoped to learn more about during the course of my residency.”

Faculty, Department of Family and Community Medicine

“I wanted two things initially out of medicine; to be able to develop life long relationships with patients and to deliver a broad set of services to those patients to create "one stop shop" for them. Subsequently I also realized the value of Family Medicine in addressing many of the present day health care conundrums; lack of execution on preventative and chronic care conditions, unaffordable care, poorly coordinated care, and depersonalized care. In my estimation, Family Medicine is able to achieve all of those within the context of an ever broadening panoply of evidenced based care.”

About Us

Patient Care

Our program is spread throughout several Chicago-area campus and training sites, providing plenty of experience caring for the uninsured and underserved.

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Community Engagement

Community leadership and advocacy are a large part of the family medicine physician experience; explore the many ways Feinberg stays involved.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Cultivating an open and receptive culture within our department allows us to better represent the diverse communities we serve.

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Commitment to Wellness

Our work is rewarding, but can also be emotionally, physically and mentally taxing. We encourage our faculty, staff, students and trainees to take advantage of the many resources Feinberg offers to support their well-being.


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