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About the Program

At Lake Forest, our goal is to model innovative residency education through a lens of health equity in order to meet the needs of our diverse communities and eliminate health disparities. 

Lofty goal. But we’re up to the challenge.

Health care is changing, and for good reasons.  The current American health care system places too much emphasis on tertiary care, minimizes mental health, and leaves too many patients unable to access even basic services.  The impact of systemic racism and biases have created disparities that can simply no longer be allowed to continue. 

This is where Family Medicine shines brightest. Family doctors have been helping their patients overcome barriers related to the social determinants of health since the inception of our specialty.  As health care changes, family doctors are uniquely positioned to lead patients, communities, and institutions into a more equitable future.

You represent the leaders health care so desperately needs. That is why you need to train at Lake Forest. As a top academic institution, training at Northwestern will provide you with the highest quality education.  As a community-based academic center, you will work 1:1 with renowned doctors in their fields.  As a PCP in both an FQHC and an academic Family Medicine Center, you will work with the full breadth of patients from diverse backgrounds and gain meaningful insight into the barriers they face.  And as a program that lives and breathes the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity, you will actively partner with the community as together we decrease disparities, empower the underserved, change the face of the health care workforce, and create a healthier future for our patients and communities.

Let’s get to work.

Match Season

Application Process 

Learning Sites

Residents of McGaw Northwestern Family Medicine Residency at Lake Forest will learn directly from attendings in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The majority of the learning will take place in family medicine practices at our partner learning sites.

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital 
Erie HealthReach Waukegan 
Northwestern Medical Group in Grayslake

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