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NM Grayslake Outpatient Center

Grayslake is the second of our two continuity clinics. The Grayslake Outpatient Center is a multi-specialty space that includes an ER, operating rooms, GI lab, and comprehensive imaging services. Here, our residents serve as the primary care physicians for an extremely diverse patient population from across Lake County. As a primary care clinic that is fully integrated into an academic health center, residents can easily collaborate with subspecialty colleagues and maintain continuity of care across multiple settings. Within the Family Medicine center, patients have access to Behavioral Health through program faculty member Dr. Krithika Malhotra, as well as a registered dietitian and case management services.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a core focus of our Grayslake clinic. The Family Medicine program was the first to pilot universal screening for social determinants of health for the entire Northwestern Medicine system. Screening is done within our electronic medical record, allowing all subspecialists and care team members to understand a patient's comprehensive needs.  We have also partnered with an organization of Community Health Workers, Mano a Mano, to help the robust Spanish-speaking population at Grayslake navigate barriers to health by accessing community resources.

Residents also complete several subspecialty rotations at Grayslake.  These include Emergency Medicine, Podiatry, Pulmonology, Cardiology, and Palliative Care.

Our Amazing Grayslake Outpatient Staff

Our incredible team of Medical Assistants, Nurses, and Patient Service Representatives. Lots of clinics probably think they have the world's greatest team. They're all wrong. We do. We all work as a team with one goal in mind: to provide the highest quality care to our patients. This phenomenally talented, dedicated, and fun group works tirelessly to achieve that goal. They make our lives so much easier, even if we don't always do the same for them.

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